Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil
Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil

Emu oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine by the Aborigines of Australia. It is used for relief of arthritis pain, to heal wounds, burns, to reduce pain itching and swelling. Studies show that has different healing properties and can be used internally and externally for the benefit of our health. Among advantages has been shown to penetrate quickly, reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles hydrates and softens the skin naturally. It is soft for all skin types, non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-irritating so it is ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergy, is effective in its anti-inflammatory properties, and has been shown to provide a similar effect medications and prescription.

It has been compared to medications like ibuprofen and herbal medicinal anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, only without the negative side effects of these recipes.

Definitely a wonderful product and would like to see your results on you.

Use it all over your body. Seriously, anywhere your skin desires. We’ve never heard from anyone that didn’t find this oil to be truly remarkable. Dry, cracked and blemished skin doesn’t stand a chance. Our 100% Pure Iaso™ Oil meets all AEA Certification standards. Great for psoriasis, eczema, alopecia and many other conditions.

Here are some of the many other benefits and healing properties of Emu oil.

Helps reduce diseases such as:

Acne Age Spots Arthritis
Skin aging Athlete’s Foot Bed Sores
Hits Burns Bursitis (inflammation between tendon and skin)
Tripe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chapped Lips
Complexion Problems Hair Conditioning Contact Dermatitis
Cracked skin Cuts Dandruff Bruising and Diabetic Ulcers
Diabetic Neuropathy Allergy Diaper Hand basin (allergy to detergents)
Dry Skin Eczema Eye Irritation
Fever Blisters Cuticle Frostbite (Frostbite)
Gout (GOUT) Gum Disease Growing Pains
Hair Loss Headaches Hemorrhoids
Ingrown toenails Insect bites Irritated skin
Itching Joint pain Keloids (Tissue Overgrowth)
Low Back Pain Massage Drug Carrier
Moisturize Skin Muscular Pain Spasms Relief
Injuries and burns in pets Psoriasis Radiation Burns
Shaved Scars Rheumatism
Rhinitis Rosacea Scar Prevention
Sciatica, Scrapes and Scratches Scratches on Shin Herpes
Headache Sinusitis Rashes Skin Graft
Muscles aching sports Sports Injuries Sprains
Stiffness Brands of Elasticity Sunburn
Scars from surgeries Inflammation of tendinitis Tired feet
Varicose Veins Bee and wasp Cold wind burn
Wounds Lines Wrinkles
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