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Iaso Chaga provides a powerful dose of essential amino acids, Enhances the immune system, Improves disease resistance, Improves the circulation of blood all over the body, Increases energy and strength, Fights chronic fatigue, Maintains optimum alkalinity and PH levels, Oxygenates the blood, Builds strong blood, Protects DNA, Maintains healthy gums, Improves memory and concentration, Inhibits lipid peroxidation, Improves lymphocyte count, Helps detoxification of all cells, skin, blood, liver, intestines, colon, kidney, bladder, lymphatic system, lung & respiratory, yeast & fungal, chemicals and heavy metals (including lead and mercury).



Brand new from Total Life Changes comes the newest and most powerful addition to its Iaso™ line of supplements. Please give a warm welcome to Iaso™ Siberian Chaga extract. TLC is the first and only MLM to carry 500mg capsules of 100% pure wild Siberian Chaga Extract.

Siberians used Chaga for centuries in the form of a drink. Their life expectancy regularly reached 85-100 years in age. In contrast, their neighbors, the Inuit, did not make use of Chaga and lived only about 50 years. The natural phytochemicals found in Siberian Chaga really made a difference in life expectancy.

Looking even further into its use, we have come to learn that in much of Siberia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, it is an essential beverage. While the U.S. government restricts medical claims, here is what can be said: chaga has been used as an essential whole food supplement for many years by Russia’s long-lived peasants, as well as long-lived villagers of Japan and Korea. These village people consume it as a daily beverage. They prefer it over common drinks such as tea and coffee. Because of its cleansing properties, in primitive Siberia the Chaga drink was known as “soup water,” although its taste is a pleasant combination of tea and coffee.


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