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Iaso Café Latin Style (2 Pack Sample)


 Iaso Café Latin Style

IasoCafé is proud to offer what coffee lovers have been searching for a truly healthy gourmet coffee.

IasoCafé packaged nutrition of Ganoderma Lucidum 100% Organic and Certified. Red mushroom in China has been proclaimed the “King of Herbs” for over 4,000 years because of its healing effects.

IasoCafé is made with Colombian coffee beans High quality Line Juan Valdez infused with Ganoderma extract.

Let IasoCafé reinvigorate your body and stimulate your palate.

It certainly is a wonderful coffee and hope you enjoy its benefits.


A Brief History of Ganoderma
Western culture has often had mixed views about the use of herbal supplements throughout the years, however for Eastern cultures, it is almost considered a way of life. With people in North America looking for alternatives to better health, the properties and benefits of Ganoderma have been of interest and appeal.




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