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Iaso® Tea Instant


The instant version of the world famous Iaso detox tea.


Includes a box of 60 convenient packets.20161012_193726_wm

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Direct-Selling detox and cleansing Iaso® Tea is now available in an instant formula, so you can take it on the go and make it instantly.


Enjoy of all the benefits of our original proprietary blend instantly and share it with others easily without missing a beat. It is designed to offer the same great intestinal cleansing as the original formula with the additional benefits of soluble fiber and portability.


Includes one box of 60 packets


For best results, consume one pack of Iaso® Tea Instant 30 minutes prior to a meal. Iaso® Tea Instant is intended to provide gentle colon cleansing and natural detoxification, bringing your body into balance by allowing it to absorb more nutrients and vitamins. It works synergistically with Total Life Changes full line of health and wellness products and dietary supplement.


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